€ 8,40

The MAGIC CRAW is a crayfish imitation designed to fool the fussiest of zander, perch, pike, black bass or catfish. Every detail has been realistically recreated. The chunky body shape keeps the bait stable and we have added three bristles on each side to create movement on the drop and when twitched. The head features two globule-like eyes behind two curly tail type antennas. The pincers are deigned to flap at the slightest impulsion. The pincers are made from supple yet firm rubber that floats so they sit in the classic defensive position when the bait is on the bottom. All of the Magic Craw rubber has been impregnated with Nitro Booster squid flavouring. The ribbed stomach section not only adds to the general mobility of the bait but can hold additional Nitro Booster cream to add to the attraction. Initially developed to use with our JUNGLE BLASTER rubber jig, this model can also be fished on a Texas, Carolina,Split Shot or Heavy Drop Shot rig or on a simple jig head. Available in 8 and 11.5cm sizes.