NIEUW 2022
€ 7,25

The MAGIC Z SHAD is a new soft bait developed by team ILLEX to cover all delicate fishing techniques: light jig head, drop shot, light Carolina, light Texas, Jika rig… The flared stomach helps the bait to glide during stop phases even when fished weightless. The flat back allows the hook to stand clear and the small tail beats with the slightest touch. The perfect lure for clear waters and educated fish. The supple yet tough rubber composition lends itself to a variety of retrieves. On the very slowest draws only the tail will vibrate but on faster retrieves the whole body starts pulsing. We recommend this 80mm size for targeting perch, tricky zander and big trout. 6 great new colour schemes will cover varying conditions and the rubber has been impregnated to the core with our Nitro Booster squid attractant.